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Annoying ads in unique eays

Although i find my self buying more and more from Amazon. Eventually i will be forced to find greener pastures. Amazon employees dont have to substantiate their existence by finding new ways to get annoying ads under your skin while shopping on Amazon (saved area under "cart"). Dont you get it: many of us hate commercials; hate! why is Netflix so very successful? They arent out there trying to figure out some new and conniving way to ram ads down the customers throat!

Amazing app

Great app. Never really had any problems except for once when something i ordered went to New York even though the company had my correct address

Not a native iOS app

Its a webview loading content from their website. I bet app experience would be much better if it was native.

wont install. Wint uninstalll

Oh boy an upgrade. Usually cause for excitement. BUT this upgrade wont install. Runs and runs and never finishes. Then try to uninstall and I cant get rid of it. Permanently installing. Boo.

Great app

I have seen many reviews that mentions bugs or difficult to use design, but I have personally NEVER experienced a problem with this app. I like how its easy to use, remembers your information, and recommends additional products that may be of interest to you. Making a purchase can honestly take me under two minutes.

Auto prime charges

On more than one occasion Ive been charged $99 for a prime membership without consent.

I prefer the iPad version over iPhone

I wish the design and function was a consistent experience on both my iPhone and iPad. Accessing my lists takes way more time on my iPhone than on my iPad i.e. more taps to reach them. Additionally, browsing products is much better on the iPad. Granted, there is more space. But, I have to say, I use my iPad to browse items because I prefer that experience. The iPhone is like way too cramped in todays deals and I have to tap all over the place just to see items and check on items Im watching. I only use my phone to check out. When looking up vitamins or frequent use products, I could really use a filter to show just items eligible for subscribe and save. Other than my preferences, the app experience in general is fine. But, if I didnt have an iPad, it would be a much different review.


It wont allow me to make any purchases

Defective update

I use this app A LOT! I never had a problem until the latest update. If I go from my orders back to the main menu or vice versa, it will not let me type anything in the search bar. Its like the keyboard is frozen. It does the same thing when I try to contact a seller. Also, I really dont understand why they got rid of the grid format for a search. It takes forever to find things because you have to scroll and scroll and scroll...

Really bad, use browser

Its unfortunate that the app doesnt work as well as the browser. Do you want to browsing your list for your wish list then everything that shows is in the small column on the left.


Every time they update, you loose something (think I would learn by now!). What happened to the camera? I scanned bar codes all the time... But not now. I check settings and camera is enabled. I have to manually type every search. Combine that with customer service issues, delivery issues, and a host of others... Why do I have Prime again? It makes you wonder... Amazon, and their app, is not the customer-centric Amazon of old...


The app fails to pull up the correct merchandise I search for and does not remember my history.


This is great for when you think of things you need to add to your cart or just want to quickly buy something. I wish it worked with my Smile account though- its a great program to contribute to your favorite charity when you buy stuff.

Bad updates

I have to agree, not sure when or what happened. But keeps crashing, wont let me check out

ipad 10.5 resolution STILL unsupported!

app looks terrible scaled up to new screen size. all bloated. most valuable company should not take this long to provide support for something thats totally trivial. compile with latest SDK and its automatic. wake up guys!!


So easy to use. Way more convenient then going on to the site

Generally great selection one major flaw

One of my biggest issues with the app is if you select "one day shipping" on the product page when "free one day shipping" is specifically offered, you have to again select it in your cart or it will default back to two day shipping. Really? whats the point of having it as an option on the product page if youre going to default back to the slowest free shipping by checkout?

Decent: missing filters

Decent app. By why remove most of the filter options? Specifically "Items with price drops" when filtering a list? One of the primary uses of LISTS is to watch for price drops. I find I use the app and LISTS in general far less now that I cant filter in this regard.

Customer service?

They like literally took 40 bucks from me and the customer service omg kill me :<


The app works ok for me but I dont want to give up

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